Corporate volunteer programme

20 UBM Asia Hong Kong staff members and their friends joined a corporate volunteer programme, organised by St James' Settlement, on a visit to solitary and low-income elders in Wanchai before the Mid-Autumn Festival. They delivered a bottle of hot chicken soup, two low-sugared moon cakes, and a pear to each elderly home.

Regular visit to Guangzhou Zhiling Special Education School

UBM China (Guangzhou) has been paying regular visits to children with special needs and organising activities for students every Wednesday since May 2013. Founded in 1985, the Guangzhou Zhiling Special Education School is the first private school for mentally disabled children in mainland China.

Visit to Senior Rest Home

UBM China staff in Shanghai and Hangzhou and their families visited Senior Rest Home in Putuo District, Shanghai, during the Double Ninth Festival to distribute 160 boxes of Double Ninth Cake. This effort sent out the important message that everyone should care more about our senior citizens.

Join hands with Wbamboo to encourage volunteering services

UBM China has joined hands with the online platform Wbamboo which connects nationwide volunteering opportunities with volunteers. We authorises eight paid hours per year for each colleague in the company to perform volunteering services.

Visit the underprivileged in India

UBM India rolled out the UBM India Giving Back, a new CSR initiative with various activities in 2014. Our staff visited Mother Teresa Old Age Home, Shraddhanand Mahila Ashram, Vision in Social Arena, Samarpan Home and Saloona Blind Welfare Trust. Our staff always seek for opportunities to engage with underprivileged people who need love and support.

Cleaning up Suzhou Piaomiao Mountain

Aiming to raise awareness of environment protection, UBM China Green Team organised a mountain clean up activity in Suzhou Piaomiao Mountain and collected litter left by tourists.

Helping hand for children with special needs in Thailand

UBM Asia (Thailand) collected money, clothes, toys and other items for children with special needs and hosted lunch for them at Rayong Panyanukul School.