UBM Asia serves a wide range of global markets and we support not just the community where we are but also the most needy ones through donation and community activities.


Business4Better China

UBM Asia launched Business4Better China (B4B China) in 2015. It is a non-profit event to connect mid-sized businesses and non-profits in China for establishing community partnership projects. Participants explored high-impact community initiatives and networked to enhance the knowledge, competencies and contacts to make a substantive impact on corporate social responsibilities as well as on business performance.

Guardian of a Child Star

UBM China (Hangzhou)’s CBME team launched a charity programme “Guardian of a Child Star” in 2015 to raise social awareness and get support for autistic children. The team engaged 42 baby product suppliers to donate products for the charity bazaar held during the CBME China fair from 22-24 July 2015 and raised RMB 220,000 in total to help autistic children.


Community service

Global Village Build Programme

UBM Asia supported Habitat for Humanity Philippines by participating in the Global Village Build Programme. Key managers from across UBM Asia’s offices convened to help build safe and sustainable homes for the informal settler families in Quezon City in Manila.

National Road Safety Drive

The drive aims to raise awareness among the India public on safe driving. UBM India contributed by joining hands with the Mumbai Traffic Police, creating sign boards which highlight the safety rules/regulations and are placed at strategic locations to attract the attention of drivers.



Donate large tents in support of earthquake relief

In response to the magnitude 7.0 Lushan China earthquake in 2013, UBM plc, UBM Asia and its JV company, UBM Sinoexpo, provided immediate aid by donating two large tents. The tents provided temporary shelters for the homeless, an important step in helping them get back to set their lives in order.

Donation for the purchase of artificial legs

UBM Asia (Thailand) made a meaningful donation in the Dinner Talk & Charity Night hosted by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau. The donation collected was used to purchase artificial legs for the Prostheses Foundation of the H.R.H. the Princess Mother.



UBM Asia Scholarship and UBM Asia Grant

UBM Asia has joined hands with the Jewelry Institute of Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic since 2012 to set up the UBM Asia Scholarship and UBM Asia Grant to recognise students with outstanding academic achievement and to support underprivileged students. UBM Asia invited students to visit China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shenzhen, provided internship opportunities, fully funded three awardwinning students in international and national jewellery competitions to visit the September Hong Kong

Deliver high level seminar to advance the exhibition industry in China

UBM co-organised public training with the Services Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China on advanced exhibition marketing at a special seminar hosted to help improve the marketing expertise of local Chinese exhibition organisers. Seminars on "Using databases, Internet and social media to improve visitor and attendee experience" were held in Beijing on 2 December, 2013.



Corporate volunteer programme

20 UBM Asia Hong Kong staff members and their friends joined a corporate volunteer programme, organised by St James' Settlement, on a visit to solitary and low-income elders in Wanchai before the Mid-Autumn Festival. They delivered a bottle of hot chicken soup, two low-sugared moon cakes, and a pear to each elderly home.

Regular visit to Guangzhou Zhiling Special Education School

UBM China (Guangzhou) has been paying regular visits to children with special needs and organising activities for students every Wednesday since May 2013. Founded in 1985, the Guangzhou Zhiling Special Education School is the first private school for mentally disabled children in mainland China.